MindTheDegree is a knob-and-stovetop design concept foran electric stove setup. It helps users visualize the heat of the stove in an intuitive way.

My Role

Created the concept, 3D models, UI
and interaction design

Tools Used

Autodesk Fusion 360
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe AfterEffects


Design Brief

Many people struggle with understanding the level of heat when they cook. A numerical scale can indicate different levels of heat from oven to oven, and the field itself has only two states: red or black.

Create an interface/ interaction that gives users a more nuanced understanding of the different levels of heat their oven produces.


Interaction Design

It helps users to visualise the heat in a very intuitive way using colour ranging from white to bright red

In addition to visual feedback, the knob gives haptic feedback while switching on and off.

This concept helps the person who’s cooking visualize the heat on the stovetop and also adjust the heat in a nuanced way. 


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