On the face of it, I was once an aerospace design engineer who is now a UX designer. At the heart of it, I'm simply someone who loves to turn creative ideas into tangible experiences. 

After dabbling in multiple disciplines, I've acquired a unique, human-first approach to design. I constantly toggle between a bird's-eye view and a microscopic lens to tackle design problems. It’s what makes my work human centered while questioning if it makes sense for the business. 

As a leader, I believe in giving my team the space they need to think, learn, and grow, which is why problem-solving skills trump tool proficiency. After all, it’s this philosophy that allows us to not just create business solutions but genuinely delight users.

Inspiration, for me, is a continuous process. It lurks in the pages of Golden Krishna's "The Best Interface is No Interface," resonates in the design philosophies of Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher



Elli – Volkswagen Group AG, Germany

UX/UI Designer

Feb 2023 – Present


SAP SE, Germany


2021 – 2022


Leo Burnet Inc. , Mumbai

Senior Art Director & Designer

2019 – 2021


Langoor Digital Ltd. , Bangalore

Senior Art Director & Designer

2018 – 2019


Infosys Limited.

Senior Aerospace Design Engineer

2013 – 2017



M.Sc. in User Experience Design

Technische Hochschule-Ingolstadt

June 2023


Awards & Recognition

Finalist - UX Design Awards 2022
Top 5 projects - German UPA UX Design Challenge 2022
Winner of Most Valuable Player, Infosys Q3, FY’16
Winner of Infosys Excellence Awards 2014, 2015, Infosys
Published Photography work by, Photography Week and Deccan Herald.


When I’m not designing:

When I am not designing, I am most likely behind a camera, creating stories within a frame. I seek joy in the interplay of light and shadow, a parallel universe that enriches my understanding of the world.

Cinema, too, is a deep well of inspiration. The brilliant storytelling of Emmanuel Lubeski and Denis Villeneuve, and exceptional directors from my home state like Satyan Anthikad, Lijo Jose Pellishery & Dileesh Pothan have greatly influenced my work and worldview. Their work feeds my visual aesthetics, shaping my philosophy for life, design and beyond.


Photo by Sasidhar